BlueFlock is a smartphone first Task Collaboration App

From Tasks, to touch-downs to conquering business Goals; BlueFlock is a first of its kind smartphone app integrated with a powerful suite of web analytics, which focuses on delivering instant informed decisions and an accountable team collaboration platform for a transparent and faster closures on Tasks and Projects.


Free to download and use, smartphone App


Available on iOS, Android and Windows App Stores


Unlimited Space, Unlimited Tasks & Unlimited Invites


Integrated with leading File Storage cloud applications


Inbuilt automated Task Ranking System


Graphical dashboard for Project & Task status Updates

Coming Soon !
List of APIs to integrate with your systems and processes

What do we really mean when we say,

“BlueFlock is the coolest Business Productivity App
for Task Collaboration with Teams and Co-Workers”, ?

We mean exactly that !

Here's why:

Smart Phone First

"You can Connect with your Team or Co-Workers, Collaborate on Tasks with multiple Data Types or E-Forms, Monitor your Teams Performance in realtime and much, much, much more just from your personal smartphone."

Operate your business from a
six inch office space.

Realtime Project Status

"Get a progress status snapshot view of all the Tasks & Projects in progress in realtime from the comfort of your smartphone."

Control all your Tasks,
Projects and Performance in realtime.

Unified Task Collaboration

"Say, 'good bye !' to the complicated chain of mails and redundant distributed channels of communication, and say, HELLO !, to Task quick and productive Task closures "

Transform your complex maze of
communication into goal oriented tasks

Task Ranking System

A powerful inbuilt Task Ranking System, which works continuously to keep you updated and prompt you on all your important Tasks every minute. Its in realtime, it auto prioritises and customises your priority tasks based on your App usage pattern.

Un-clutter the chaos and
stay focussed on all your mandate 24x7.

Private Cloud Business Domain

You get your very own private Cloud domain to securely sync and store all your business Collaboration data for ever.

Secure all your Collaboration Data
for ever in the worlds safest cloud vault.

Elastic Search

Search and retrieve all your business collaboration data within seconds across data, tasks, projects, updates, attachments and teams. Refined and advanced search features with Task Key words, Goal, Team members, description, time and many more

Search with instant results
across your Collaboration archives.

Realtime Analytics

A very dynamic and powerful performance meter, which gives you a detailed analytics, with a progress scoreboard on every Task, Project and Team Performance.

Assess productivity with our realtime
Analytics & Reports on Tasks and Team Performance.

Start Collaborating
with your Team
on BlueFlock.

A smartphone first application
BlueFlock works on all your other devices too.

Always stay connected with
your Team, Tasks and Goals.

Let’s conquer them all !

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